Introducing: An Experience Based Training For Top-Gun Drone Pilots
MAY 16 - MAY 22, 2022
At a beautiful lake side location in the Austin, Texas area
For Drone Pilots Who Want the Confidence to Fly Close...Fly Low...Fly in Challenging Environments, and Turn Those Skills into High Paying Recurring Revenue Clients
A drone training adventure unlike anything we have done before!

For the FIRST TIME, we are offering a 7-Day Experience-Based Training in a beautiful lakeside location in the Austin, Texas area.

In this unique training event, limited to ONLY 8 participants, you will learn, and practice, the cutting-edge drone techniques and methodologies top gun drone pilots are using to get the best, most exciting drone jobs in the world. 

You will be one of only 8 pilots to spend an entire week flying, learning, and having a great time with Paul and the drone U crew as you all hang out together at a resort style lakeside location. Through the use of scenario-based missions, one-on-one coaching, and a competitive (but fun) environment, participants will expand their skill set and join the ranks of an elite group of drone pilots who command top dollar for their sought-after skills.
Join our featured trainers, including Paul Aitken, Kara Cavalca, Jake Levesque, PJ Kirkpatrick and others as they share the secrets that have made them successful and walk you through a real-world drone job scenario, putting your piloting skills to the ultimate test in a safe and fun life & business changing adventure.

Do you have questions about the event? Feel free to book a call using the link above or email us at [email protected]

Here is a Sneak Peek into this Training Event...
  • ​​Stay in a beautiful lakeside location in the Austin, Texas area with our flight training crew for an action-packed event full of cutting-edge drone training and a ton of fun. 
  • Enjoy a week of networking with like-minded people sharing stories, learning from each other's experiences, and building unique skills to grow your business. 
  • Using scenario-based missions, you will learn the systems you need to scale your business from start to finish.
  • ​Learn advanced photography, videography, mapping, and photogrammetry techniques from an all-star lineup of instructors. Essentially all the skills you need to crush your competition. 
  • ​Get a behind-the-scenes look at the sales and marketing systems you need to successfully win high-profile clients and keep them long term.
  • ​At the end of the training, you will present your deliverables to the Drone U instructors, your flight crew, and the owners of the property in a shark-tank style format. 
  • ​All lodging and meals for the week included with your ticket (pertains to full week tickets only).
  • One lucky pilot will walk away with a $1,500 cash prize. 
The Most Immersive Training Experience We Have Ever Offered
This is the most intensive, thorough, and unique training experience we’ve offered to date.  The curriculum and structure has been designed to optimize learning, retention, practical application and a fun, safe environment.
Starting with an intense day of Flight Mastery training and culminating with two days of instruction on how to make your business run on autopilot, you can rest assured you will walk away having had one of the most productive and fun weeks of your life; and one that will change the trajectory of your business for ever. 

You will enjoy the camaraderie of other top drone pilots, receive personal coaching time from instructors experienced in the field, and leave with the knowledge and confidence you need to take your drone business to unimagined levels. 
  • This training will fundamentally shift the way you on-board clients, produce better deliverables, and operate autonomously in your business. 
  • ​Discover what it takes to find the best drone jobs and provide exceptional deliverables that will keep your high-end clients keep coming back. 
  • ​Take your business from one-night-stand jobs to a recurring revenue stream so you can enjoy greater autonomy and freedom.
High-Level Flying, Photography, Mapping, and Modelling Skills
This training will cover the entire gamut to test your true ability to work in a technical OR creative field. You will mimic a real-world example of creating and delivering media for hotels or resorts and provide a deliverable in a tight time span.

Learn the advanced skills and techniques of aerial photography and videography so your deliverables stand out.

Discover the advanced cinematic skills that high-end hotels and exotic resorts are looking for.

Create complex 3d models for clients and ortho mosaics for a resort. 

Learn how to gather, manipulate and deliver the media efficiently without wasting a lot of time 

Discover the insider secrets to produce quality edited photos, videos, and orthomosaics. 

Participate in your own “real-world” job so you can learn on the fly and under pressure in order to prepare for complete full-scale missions in the field.

Eliminate MONTHS or even YEARS of Struggle and Shorten Your Learning Curve
This Elite Experience Based Training is like having a personal coach working with you to ensure your success. 
  • ​Put your learning into action with real-world exercises and missions to complete deliverables.
  • ​Learn how to produce top-notch deliverables and test your skills alongside other like minded and driven drone pilots. 
  • ​Make mistakes in a safe and fun environment and immediately correct them thereby shortening your learning curve.
  • Have your deliverables evaluated by a committee composed of the course instructors and the client. 
  • ​Receive critical, and immediate, feedback on your work so you come away with practical experience you can grow from.
  • ​Cut down MONTHS, or even, YEARS of struggle and quickly understand what’s working now in the world of drones.
  • ​Learn best practices on how to automate your client retention and service systems in order to keep them engaged long after the job is completed.
As a bonus, you will be creating incredible assets you can use in your own reels and marketing materials to win new business.
Exceptional Experience Based Marketing & Sales Training
If you struggle to sell your drone services and feel like you are underpaid, this training has the answers. 
Imagine you had someone working for you round the clock, helping you warm up your leads, garner important information for you, and bringing you new customers. 
Imagine having a system in place that will keep your existing customers returning to you thus increasing your revenue and profitability.  
That’s what Kara, one of our Flight Crew instructors, will be teaching you in the “sales and marketing training.” 

Kara will show you…
  • ​The proven marketing sales and business automation systems she uses to run her very successful photography business. 
  • ​How to acquire clients that are ready to pay for the level of service you can provide. 
  • ​How to craft a value proposition for resorts that are difficult to turn down. You can use this skill in other industries too. 
  • ​How to use the media to sell yourself effectively and build authority online.
  • ​How to automate your business so you keep getting customers without trying to hunt them every single month.
  • ​And so much more

Kara Cavalca

Remove Your Psychological “Money Barriers” and Feel Confident to Charge More
All of us have these hidden money barriers when it comes to charging clients. Result? We often charge less than what we truly deserve. For the first time, Paul will reveal his modus operandi and insider secrets to getting high-paying jobs. 
  • ​Kara will show you how to autonomize every aspect of your business.
  • ​You will be informed and educated in a way that will remove the fear about going after high-paying drone jobs. 
  • ​You will be able to remove your “money barriers” and gain the confidence to charge what you truly deserve.
  • ​You will come away with so much confidence that you'll be chomping at the bit to go sell your services.
It All Boils Down to Freedom
Living the drone life is within your reach.
And there are certain ground rules and guiding principles you need to have in place to make it happen. 
At the end of the day, “Living the Drone Life” is all about doing what you love, meeting the kind of people you enjoy, and having lots of fun flying drones - all while being very profitable. 
When you complete this training, you will leave with a firm understanding of the systems necessary to deliver for your business at scale. 
You will experience a renewed sense of freedom that feels so REAL. 
Freedom to pick clients of your liking, freedom to do what you enjoy, and freedom to spend time the way you’ve always wanted. 

An All-Star Instructor Lineup 
Paul Aitken
CEO and Chief Mentor, Drone U
This training is based on Paul's extensive work with one of the largest hotel/resort conglomerates in the world - Marriott. Paul discovered that even skilled drone pilots miss the mark when it comes to selling their services and getting paid for what they truly deserve. This training will finally help you cut the chase and get the shortcuts to build a truly valuable drone business. 

Kara Kalavaca
A crazy successful wedding photographer and videographer who absolutely loves what she does and strives to creatively capture the most memorable day in a couples life. She has enjoyed adding drones to her repertoire and has mastered the art and science of creating an autonomous systems based business model that allows her to be successful yet maintain a personal life that she loves.
Jake Levesque
Jake is a full time firefighter who spends as much of his free time as possible traveling and shooting. Learn from his wide array of experiences from traveling the world and shooting both ground and drone photography and videography.
PJ Kirkpatrick
PJ has taught many of the Drone U courses, including photogrammetry and has been involved in various aspecs of the drone industry for nearly a decade. His experience is vast and varied and will bring it all to the participants of this event. 
Five Reasons Why You Don't Want to Miss this Training
  • The drone industry has become super-competitive and requires that you take the actions necessary to stay ten steps ahead of your competition.
  • ​Recurring revenue can be a game-changer for your drone business. After this training, you will have the know-how to win recurring revenue-based jobs. 
  • ​Your deliverables will stand out from the ordinary drone pilots. You will be able to DO things with your drone VERY FEW pilots can imagine. Your clients won't desert you for cheaper options or the  cousin who just bought a drone. 
  • ​Ultimately, you will have more time for the things you love...flying, being outdoors, hanging out with family & friends, and working with the clients you love to work with. 
  • ​You will save months or even years TRYING to figure out the sales and marketing system that work. This is your opportunity to accelerate growth and take your business to the next level. 
How we'll spend our time together...
  • ​Day 0 (May 15th): Arrival and meet and greet cocktail event. Arrive at the training location for check-in the day prior to instruction starting.  
  • Day 1 (May 16th): On day one, you'll be debriefed on your mission and the week ahead. We'll have advanced flight mastery training including advanced aerial videography and photography techniques. We will dive into selecting the most optimal locations and stations and the reasons for choosing them. In the evening, you'll execute sunset videography and photography missions.
  • Day 2 (May 17th): Things start to get more exciting. You and the Drone U crew will embark on a “real world” drone job to map a property based on a set of criteria such as - the flight paths, acquisition techniques, and client goals. Learn tactics we use to produce deliverables requested by high-end clients.
  • Day 3 (May 18th): Discover the tips, tricks, and hacks Paul uses to get the best results for 3d modeling without spending an arm and leg on expensive equipment. Learn systems to execute 3d mapping efficiently. With this system in place, you will be able to create high-quality 3d models, faster. 
  • Day 4 (May 19th): You will be tasked with collecting aerial video, aerial photos, and creating a guest map with an ortho mosaic of the resort itself. You will fly complex missions, acquire buttery smooth videos, and create your deliverables for the resort owner. You will understand the systems necessary to complete a drone job for a resort. 
  • Day 5 (May 21st): ​Brush up your final deliverables and prepare for the BIG night. You will be presenting your deliverables to the owner of the resort, and the board of judges in a shark-tank style format. The winner will get a $1,500 cash prize. Who knows..that could be you!
  • Days 6 & 7 (May 20th - 21st): Two full days of in-depth business systems and automation training with Kara.  You'll learn how to implement systems to automate client onboarding, client data gathering, deliverables requirements, ongoing communication and much more.

    Learn the automation systems Kara uses to deliver media, upsell and print media and simply put, keep her clients engaged well into the future.

    The time taken to set up these systems, while a meaningful investment, will revolutionize your business. Take it from Kara, who's business didn't miss a beat while she was healing from a broken back.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who can attend this training event?
Interested pilots should be intermediate to advanced in order to get the most value from the week. 
What’s not included in the program fees?
Cost of airfare, insurance, and transportation is not included in the program fees. 
What equipment should I bring for the training?
Your drone (or drones), laptop with minimum 8 GB RAM and corresponding accessories to the training. Make sure you have enough equipment to complete a full-scale mission.
What’s your cancellation/refund policy?
Due to the cost of putting on the event and the related commitments we have to make:
- 100% refund on or before April 04, 2022 (less $250 cancellation fee)
- 50% refund on or before April 14, 2022 (less $250 cancellation fee)
- No refunds on or after April 15th, 2022

     Any amount not refunded per the policy above will be credited and available to be used on other Drone U events and/or products (limitations may apply).
Is there an early bird discount?
If you sign up on or before Friday, March 21 2022, you are eligible for an early bird discount. Early bird discount subject to availability of spots. 
Can I transfer the registration to another person?
Unfortunately not. We carefully select participants based on individual evaluation. Hence, we do not allow transfer of registration to another person. 
Can I bring a guest to the event?
Unfortunately, due to space limitations, participants may not bring a guest.
Do I have to register for the full 7 day class?
You may register for either the full 7 Day class (limited to 8 spots); OR for the 2 Day Business Automation class. There is not an option to register for only the 5 Day portion of the week.
Will I have my own bedroom?
The first four (4) to register will be able to choose their own room (first come first choice). After the first four, there is a chance participants will need to share a room.
Is the price lower if I choose to stay off site?
We're unable to offer price reductions due to a couple of important factors: 1) The venue chosen for the event is resort style and will cost the same regardless of whether 10 people stay or 2 people stay; 2) A significant benefit of the event is the exchange of ideas and relationships built, much of which will occur in the evenings as discussions continue beyond normal class time; 3) We've limited the number of participants to just 8 which leaves a small margin for these types of price adjustments.
What if I have diet restrictions?
No problem. Let us know what they are and we'll do our best to accomodate your needs.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a call by filling out this form and we'll ensure all of your questions get answered.

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